It’s not easy to present a weather report with the dancers of the Moulin-Rouge a few centimeters away from you!

On Saturday morning, eight of them were the guests of the LCI morning for celebrate the reopening ofu cIt’share isestablishment French, who must have lowered the curtain for eighteen months due to the health crisis. They then disturbed this poor Ange Noiret who had to present one last time the rain and the good weather.

“It’s been ten years since I have been so stressed to present a weather report. You are lovely», he started, then lost his focus as the seconds ticked off, especially when one of the dancers hid Corsica for a few seconds. “They tell me to go fast! But I want to take advantage of it, I want to stay a bit, ”he admitted before announcing the forecast temperatures: “And this afternoon of the heat, like me, on the set, I’m completely sweating …”

Ange Noiret finished his “performance” to the applause of the two presenters Anne-Chloé Bottet and Christophe Beaugrand.

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