Empty nest syndrome affects mothers much more. How to face and manage it?

Empty nest syndrome affects mothers much more. How to face and manage it?


There are several symptoms that this syndrome presents, including excessive worry, sadness and loneliness. Fortunately, there are strategies that help you better face the moment when your children leave your home.

One of the greatest gifts in life can be having children, which in the same way can become a concern for parents, especially when the time comes for them to become independent.

According to Eurostat data, 64% of people between 26 and 29 years old in Spain live with their parentsIt is before leaving home, and it is when the empty nest syndrome reaches the parents through a combination of feelings marked by melancholy, loneliness, the feeling of loss of parental identity and abandonment. These symptoms do not necessarily appear in all people depending on the emotional bond between parents and children.

All of us at some point undertake this path of independence, which is a natural stage of life, often causing this syndrome that, although it could be temporary, some parents experience difficulties in overcoming itespecially those with a strong emotional dependence that they even fall into depression, usually affecting women more than men.

Faced with these situations, it is important to understand that this condition is not a sign of weakness, but a natural reaction to a significant change in family dynamics, since several important factors are involved, such as the reduction of responsibilities, changes in support for children , and his own confrontation with old age

How can empty nest syndrome be managed?

Here are some keys to deal with it in the best way.

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Prepare for the future: Facing this syndrome in a positive way is essential to develop a mentality that calmly accepts the fact that the children will leave home at some point. For this it is necessary to cultivate emotional intelligencea knowledge that facilitates the understanding that it is natural for children to become independent, making adverse feelings temporary.

Maintain the affective bond: Although the children have changed locations, love continues to prevail through constant communication, where technology helps maintain the connection. This bond is achieved by putting aside any negative resentment, maintaining a relationship without criticism and healthy.

Boost your skills. Changing the roles of the father as a caregiver automatically provides a new stage with more time, which can be used to learn something new, study, or fulfill a pending dream.

Renew as a couple and strengthen friendships. If there is still love in the couple, a great moment begins to live a second courtship. For those who are single it is an opportunity to explore new connections or enjoy time alone. In the same way, you can focus on social life, strengthening friendships past or generating new ones that enrich life,

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