Employees on short-time work will in future be obliged to take vacation – economy

Labor Minister Martin Kocher fixed on Monday a variant of short-time work for companies not so badly affected by the pandemic.

Labor Minister Martin Kocher made it fixed on Monday after negotiations with the social partners: As of July 1, there are two variants of Corona short-time work.

The classic

For companies that have been severely affected, such as airlines and city hotels, (almost) everything remains as usual. Working hours can be reduced to 30 percent, in individual cases to 0 percent. Employees receive 80 to 90 percent of the previous net wage that AMS pays. New hurdle: sales must have at least halved from autumn 2019 to autumn 2020. The model expires at the end of 2021.

Stripped down version

Minimum working time 50 percent, employees receive 80 percent to 90 percent of the salary: The AMS advances 15 percent less, so there is a deductible for companies. Important: Those affected have to use up vacation during short-time work, one week for each two months or so. Examples: With six months of short-time work this is three weeks off, with three months of short-time work two weeks. “You’re going on vacation now,” but it doesn’t matter, as the employee has a say. Terminations for economic reasons are also made easier. But: The Ă–GB has to agree to this. This transitional model applies until summer 2022.

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