Employees experience more work-related stress

More stress, get up earlier, less breaks

This home office study is surprising

Isn’t the home office so great for employees? A current study shows the downsides of the new world of work.

Published: 04/07/2022 at 06:25


Updated: 07/05/2022 at 15:21

Many studies on the home office are positive and give good marks to working in your own four walls. But a new survey is surprising. According to the current study, working from home often increases professional stress. For example, 28 percent of employees working from home often did unpaid overtime.

This was the result of the survey by the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), about which the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (“SZ”) reported in its Monday edition. Supervisors also expect every third person in the home office to be available outside of normal working hours, for example on a mobile phone.



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