Araceli Sotelo, an employee of the fast-food chain Subway defended herself during an armed robbery in Rockford, Illinois, United States.

Last weekend, the young woman managed to disarm the thug and make him leave. She was suspended from her job as a result of this act. The man threatened her with a gun, demanding that she give him the store money. She refused and started to fight with him behind the counter.They found in the restaurant room. THE’employee managed to drop his attacker’s weapon. She hit the man on the head. He fled with the young woman’s handbag as his only booty. She lost her phone (who was broken in the brawl) and everything in her bag, including her credit cards and ID.

The meeting was partially filmed by the surveillance cameras of the fast food restaurant.
The images were shared on Facebook.

The young woman said that she had been contacted by her manager after all this ordeal. A to her surprise, he told her that she would no longer work there and would not be paid until this video was completely erased from the internet. But for the young woman, erasing these images, which have become viral, would be impossible.

She also denies uploading the video in the first place – although she has since posted an unsealed portion of the video on her own TikTok.

The announcement of his dismissal quickly made the rounds on social networks. Many Internet users do not understand this decision which they consider unfair. In their eyes, the employee defended the establishment.

His mother threw a GoFundMe to cover court costs and lost wages while they deal with this case together.

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