Emotional video message from Zelenskyj: “Evil has returned”

He accused the Russian leadership of having deleted “never” from the anti-war slogan “never again” with its attack on February 24 and replaced it with the slogan “we can repeat that”. Since the invasion began, the Russians had repeated many of the Nazi atrocities, albeit under different slogans. Read Zelenskyj’s speech verbatim here.

Zelenskyj: Evil “cannot hide in the bunker”

On the day commemorating the end of World War II, Zelenskyy recalled the contribution of the Ukrainian people to the victory of the anti-Hitler coalition. The country had suffered from bombing, mass shootings and occupation, had lost people in concentration camps and gas chambers, in captivity and in forced labour, but in the end it had won anyway.

Proof is Adolf Hitler’s destroyed “Werewolf” bunker near the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia. This shows that evil cannot escape its responsibility. “It can’t hide in the bunker,” he said, referring to the Russian president Wladimir Putinwhom critics have repeatedly accused since the beginning of the war of being in a secret safe place as a precaution.



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