Emmanuel André on deltacron: “It is certainly a laboratory error or a cluster”

Emmanuel André cautiously spoke about the new deltacron variant. “We can expect other types of variants to appear,” explained the microbiologist from UZ Leuven.

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Emmanuel André was the guest of Party Taken from Matin Première, on RTBF. The UZ Leuven microbiologist has cautiously commented on the new deltacron variant: “We’re still looking at what it is. “

As a reminder, a new variant of the coronavirus could have been discovered in Cyprus. His particuliarity ? It is believed to be a combination of the delta and omicron variants, reported Le Figaro, which quoted the Bloomberg news agency on Monday. But for some, it would be a false alarm linked to a laboratory error, which the author of the discovery denied on Sunday, January 9.

For the professor of clinical microbiology at KU Leuven, “it is certainly a laboratory error or a cluster”. And to add: “We must expect that other types of variants appear. “



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