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The authorities in the United States have delayed the sentencing hearing against Emma Coronel, wife of the Mexican capo, Joaquín El Chapo Guzman. Since last August, the defendant’s defense had asked to postpone the start of the session and thus buy time for a reduction of the sentence.

The new date has been set by the Federal Court of the District of Columbia for the next November 30 at 12:00. That day, Coronel, 32, will receive a prison sentence, handed down by Judge Rudolph Contreras, for his participation in drug trafficking operations to the United States.

On July 10, Emma Coronel pleaded guilty to drug trafficking (Photo: REUTERS / Jane Rosenberg)
On July 10, Emma Coronel pleaded guilty to drug trafficking (Photo: REUTERS / Jane Rosenberg)

On June 10, Emma Coronel chose a path already well traveled by many drug traffickers: she pleaded guilty to conspiracy for drug trafficking and money laundering. But this statement would have given her a chance to escape unscathed.

After a long tug of war with prosecutors in the United States, Joaquín el Chapo Guzmán signed a document that day that made her responsible for three crimes related to drug trafficking. The journalist Laura Ley He explains that this move will allow him not to face the same fate as Guzmán Loera, who faces a life sentence in a Colorado jail.

Perhaps, with an air of innocence, the former beauty queen hopes to get her sentence as low as possible.

Experts warn that far from what is believed, Emma’s statement could place her as the main winner of the criminal history of the Sinaloa Cartel, because his sentence could be reduced: he would be free, a millionaire and would have a carefree old age, contrary to his acquaintances from the Sinaloan criminal group: Chapo, who is imprisoned for life; Ishmael the Mayo Quintero, who lives at the edge of the forest; Rafael Caro Quintero, the most wanted of the drug traffickers and the sons of Joaquín el Chapo Guzmán, also fugitives from justice.

Emma’s defense assures that her client fears for her life and that of her twins, after the news spread that she turned herself in to be a cooperating witness.

Coronel met the founder of the Sinaloa Cartel at a ranch party. According to the United States, she coordinated the most important part of the kingpin’s survival: his escapes.

In 2007, she married the legendary founder of the Sinaloa Cartel (Photo: REUTERS / Luis Cortes)
In 2007, she married the legendary founder of the Sinaloa Cartel (Photo: REUTERS / Luis Cortes)

She married in 2007, when she was still a teenager, and became a mother in her early twenties.. She has spent more than a third of her life in a marriage in which her husband has almost always been incarcerated or on the run.

The woman met Guzmán Loera at a ranch in Durango when she was 17 years old. El “Chapo,” then in his forties and well positioned at the top of the Sinaloa Cartel, had been hiding from the authorities for almost six years after escaping from prison in a laundry cart in 2001.

From day one, “a beautiful friendship” began between the couple. When he turned 18 they were married in a very simple ceremony with family and only close friends. It was the summer of 2007.

The also former beauty queen knew how to capitalize on the fame generated around her image, promoting a clothing brand with her husband’s name, and she even participated in a reality show in the United States, where she coincided with other heirs of the empire of the drug. Some of them sons or nephews of Colombian or Mexican drug trafficking.


Emma Coronel and prosecutors ask to postpone her sentence for 30 days

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