Emilia-Romagna, three more Son's ordinances ready for reconstruction

Emilia-Romagna, three more Son's ordinances ready for reconstruction

Service After the floods in May Waiting for the measures that need to clarify the procedures for refunds to businesses and citizens. Local authorities, trade associations and trade unions ask for certainties by Manuela Perrone 1 September 2023 Flood, Figliuolo: in September we quantify damages, then reimbursements the next package of three measures by the extraordinary commissioner for post-flood reconstruction, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, who returned to Emilia-Romagna on 31 August to meet the governor and sub-commissioner Stefano Bonaccini and the Pact for work and the climate. Precisely from the Pact, which brings together the entire regional system including local authorities, trade unions, economic categories, professions, universities, the regional school office, the third sector, chambers of commerce and banks, came the request for certainties on funds and procedures to guarantee restart and the rapid arrival of compensation. The upcoming ordinances The first ordinance close to being signed indicates the Emilia-Romagna Region as the implementing body for the identification of the telematic platform on which the reconstruction practices will be exchanged, a choice dictated by the need to treasure the tools already known on the regional territory to public and private professionals. Furthermore, the provision for the urgent works still to be carried out for the restoration is being finalised. Two other ordinances respectively for the reimbursement procedures for families and businesses, agricultural and otherwise, are close to the goal: the most awaited acts, because they will have to clarify the methods, types and times to restore the damages suffered. Protocols for legality To protect the regional economic system as well as workers, the will to define specific protocols was agreed to ensure maximum transparency and correctness in the use of funds. The model is the one used in the post-earthquake reconstruction, which led to the establishment of Girer (Emilia-Romagna reconstruction joint force group) and collaboration with prefectures, the judiciary, the finance police and the police on tenders and assignments. The reassurance: «Refunds up to 100%» «We want to define the damages to be repaired well, in order to arrive at refunds up to 100%, as the president Meloni said», underlined Figliuolo, adding that action will be taken «as soon as possible ». And reassuring the Municipalities not included in the list of the first measures on the perimeter of the reimbursements, such as a part of the Bologna area: «The commissioner structure, using common sense and the interpretation of the law, will restore all the highly urgent or urgent works that have a causal link with the flood”. The requests of the territories It was President Bonaccini who underlined the urgency of the interventions: «Since we are already at the end of August and there is a need to deliver works to companies, by the responsible bodies, on landslides, roads and rivers, the construction sites must not only be opened, but completed by winter. If this is not the case, an ordinary rain phenomenon risks producing extraordinary damage”. At the moment, the governor dem reported, for citizens and businesses “there are 270 million, about a tenth of the resources needed. The first thing to do is then to release the resources allocated: if they remain in the ministries and are not immediately made available to the Commissioner, they risk being lost”. Among the requests, also that of introducing the tax credit already used in 2012.

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