Emilia Attias spoke about what happened to her daughter in Norway: “They asked me to control her”

Emilia Attias went through the cycle Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand, conducted by Juana Viale, and recalled an unusual anecdote that took place in Norway on one of his many business trips.

On little Gina’s adaptation to different environments, Emilia described: “It is incredible because in the squares of the whole world she spoke in any language with any boy or girl. It is very crazy how he communicated, in a sociological sense, in the squares he accompanied me to in different parts of the world”.

Despite your daughter’s social skills, Attias He recalled an inconvenience in Norway: “Sometimes it was easy for him to bond, but sometimes not. There they told me that there was a square nearby, but there was no noise from children. You were entering the square and it was not well seen that Gina was linked with other children if they did not know her”.

Intrigued, Juana Viale asked the reason for that decision and the response of Emilia Attias it dislodged her: “They were asking me to please control it. Children only play with siblings. That happened to me in Norway and from there we went to La Puglia in Italy”.


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