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Emile Ratelband has also been convicted on appeal for defaming his ex-wife Moon, the Arnhem Court of Appeal confirms to the ANP† In October, the police judge in Utrecht considered it proven that the positivity guru had damaged Moon’s good name by saying that she wanted to have their son Emilio admitted to a closed institution. He was then fined 1,000 euros, but Ratelband said it would appeal.

The court ruled on Friday in the case against Ratelband. Of the 1,000 euros fine, 500 euros is conditional, a spokesperson for the court explains. That means that 500 euros does not have to be paid, “unless he is guilty of a criminal offense again within these two years, for example.”

Moon filed the libel suit because of a statement that Ratelband made in December 2019 in Story. “Moon filed a request to have Emilio committed to a closed institution,” he said in the article that dealt with the custody battle in which the exes were involved at the time.

During the hearing, Ratelband admitted that he had made the statement and that Moon would have said it to him that way. The public prosecutor indicated that it does not matter whether the verdict is true or not, but that it is about whether there is damage to someone’s good name. The judge ultimately found that proven.



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