Emamotorsport, the EVC-R division committed to electrifying the iconic Panda 4×4

Emamotorsport, born Emanuele Sabatino, a mechanic by profession but in recent years he has held the role of presenter of various television programs focused on the world of four wheels and, above all, has been able to bring his everyday work on various social channels in the which tells all his projects in detail.

Last of these, entrusted to team interno EVC-R, specializing in electric vehicles, hybrids and conversions, the electrification of the iconic Panda 4×4 with the aim of creating all the new platform it includes from scratch customized battery pack, new engine, cooling systems, control systems, on-board instrumentation as well as the updating of all the mechanical parts concerning brakes and suspensions.

For the moment, some images have been reported on the various social channels that show the progress of the work, which should now be running out.

A video also disclosed some technical data, currently defined exclusively on paper, to be verified once the entire car is operational.

In any case, we would speak of a battery pack made with moduli Tesla able to offer up to 380 km of autonomy, maximum speed of 150 km / h, all combined with a new traction system and double charging system, standard fino 6 kW O fast up to 100 kW.

While waiting to see the car finished and driving on the most demanding dirt roads in Italy, we invite you to follow the Emamotorsport Facebook page and its Youtube channel.


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