Elsa García, for the well-being of gymnasts after suffering violence

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In the process towards Tokyo 2020, the gymnast Elsa García suffered physical and psychological abuse by the French coaches Eric and Cecile Demay, who were hired by the Mexican Federation of Gymnastics (FMG), and this situation led her to receive psychological help, she also approached the International Federation of the specialty and who she now supports by being spokesperson for the “Safeguarding” team.

In the last Olympic cycle I had very unpleasant situations, with my federation, and that was the part that pushed me to seek help. I felt that in the same federation my problem was not going to be so well received and listened to, I turned to see the International Gymnastics Federation and found these organizations that have helped me to solve these situations, but it is very complicated. If it affects everything, your desire to play sports, that’s why my desire to help, to clean up the sport, that someone who felt like they had a problem can bring them closer to talk about it and find a way, “said García.

The ‘Safeguarding’ team was created by the International Federation to promote the health and well-being of gymnasts, and to apply the code of conduct to all those involved in her discipline that allow improving training environments, healthy and safe competitions that help other athletes to avoid those bad experiences that she lived.

“I lived through this situation and I am realizing that there are more people who are experiencing it, I am going to do something about it, I cannot sit idly by,” he said.

After not having participated in the all-around at the 2019 Stuttgart World Championships due to the decision of the French coaches, the gymnast in November of that year released a video where coach Eric Demay throws a weight at his feet. After having lived through this situation, it is for this reason that the Monterrey native now seeks to do her bit to eradicate this mistreatment of the coach towards the athlete.

Sometimes coaches believe that the way to get results is based on scolding, and go ahead, I don’t care. At the end of the day, that communication between the athlete and the coach can be achieved, so that they do not have to reach those excessive shouts. Being a high-performance athlete requires that demand, but how do you find the balance between that fine line of what is already an abuse and what is a demand, and that is what you have to work on. walk away In my case, I spoke with sports psychologists and here they look for people to have the means to seek help and to be able to solve it their own way or by relying on someone else, ”he mentioned.

Regarding his sporting future, García will continue in physical and mental recovery this year and left open the possibility of starting his path to the 2024 Paris Olympics in 2023.

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“Regarding this Olympic cycle if I decided to give myself a break after everything that was Tokyo, and I said I need some peace and focus on my personal goals. The question of returning I have not taken my finger off the line, but I still cannot guarantee that I will return but it is something that I have very present in me. This year I do not intend to compete, but I know that this Olympic cycle is short, and in 2023 I must give it my all to be able to achieve Olympic qualification, but calmly,” he concluded.



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