If you really think that Elon Musk is all about the money, you are significantly wrong.

You’re right, I think we’re quite sometimes. Before I started talking about money I first wrote a lot about interest. Apologies if that wasn’t clear.
I try not to say that he does it for the money, on the contrary, he mainly works from his passion. I think that passion for electric cars is a bit over and his interest is now focused on other topics.

If he really went for the fast money, he would be better off selling his shares in Tesla, that will immediately generate money. I don’t think he does that because he thinks he can earn more with it in the long term. Just because it’s not about the money doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. He would never have been as successful if he didn’t have a good sense of money and business.

Incidentally, I think it also plays a role that he can use Telsa to support and finance his other projects. He builds batteries, for example, because it is closely related to electric cars. If more cars are sold, then also more batteries. His hyperloop and boring company are also connected in this way, and of course Tesla cars have to drive through pipes.

Oh yes another statement from you ‘It is only a matter of time before those companies manage to match Tesla’: yes yes we have heard that for years.

Most brands now also sell electric cars themselves. Tesla is still ahead, but the gap is a lot smaller than a few years ago. You cannot buy or force breakthroughs. You can stimulate it, but you never know when someone will get the next great idea.
Rebuilding something existing is a lot easier. The knowledge is there, you can buy it, steal it or use it as an example. It can take a long time and be very expensive, but in the end you will get there if you put in enough effort.

It is for nothing that the CEO of VW says that Tesla is miles ahead of them and their ID.3 has huge software problems. This break-in is not going to happen as soon as the competitor has a huge lead.

Blijbkaar thinks that CEO does not think it is hopeless, otherwise VW would have stopped electric cars.

Why do you think those other companies will succeed?

Because it is not the first time that a disruptive competitor has emerged that shakes the established market. Not even in the car industry.

Have they ever been core software companies?

Why is it so important? The software world is not really known for its high quality or long breath.

Why have they not been able to copy anything despite their 100 years of experience in the car industry?

They all have an electric car in the range. Not as good as the best Tesla has to offer, but apparently those cars still appeal to a lot of people, perhaps because the price is lower.

Are they acquainted with space travel (which Tesla can borrow from Space X) etc.

The car is older than rocket, so apparently you don’t need that knowledge to make such a car. But it certainly helps with future cars, the more engineers you employ the better, even if they are actually separate companies. What also helps is participating in competitions such as Formula 1 and Formula E. I don’t see Tesla there.

GM has driven a car over the moon and there are many car manufacturers who do (or did) something with aerospace.

GM Aerospace
Ford Aerospace
Nissan Aerospace
Honda Aerospace
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
Fiat Aviation
Chrysler Space Division
Hyundai “Uber” Air-taxi

Some of these companies / departments no longer exist or have been sold, but it is clear that car manufacturers have access to aerospace scientists.