At least the 49-year-old US entrepreneur announced this on Twitter. “The prefabricated construction in Germany is extremely impressive,” added Musk.

Musk replied in his post to the question whether the Gigafactory in Germany would be finished as quickly as the one in Shanghai. Tesla had hoisted the Shanghai plant within eleven months. It is now being expanded.

The Grünheide factory, the first in Europe, should be completed by summer 2021. Tesla plans to produce 500,000 vehicles there annually.

Preparations for the shell are currently underway. The complete environmental approval by the state of Brandenburg is still pending. Tesla has therefore started early construction work at its own risk.

Tesla is also planning on-site battery production

On Friday it became known that Tesla wanted to manufacture the batteries it needed for the Grünheide factory itself.

Despite the corona pandemic, Tesla had a surplus of $ 104 million in the second quarter.

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