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His platform is like a “global address book,” wrote billionaire Elon Musk.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk wants on his online platform Twitter (X) voice and video calls introduce. The feature will be available on iPhones and Android phones, as well as PCs and Apple’s Mac computers, Musk announced on Thursday. You will not have to provide a phone number. X is like a “global address book,” Musk wrote.

The announcement fits in with his plan, which is for around 44 Mrd. Dollar (around 40 billion euros) bought Twitter in X, a “app for everything” to convert Such universal apps are particularly popular in China, where people use WeChat to process all sorts of tasks, including money transactions.

Additional costs questionable

With voice and video calling, Musk would be entering a market where there are many competitors and entrenched user preferences. So there is audio and video telephony WhatsAppFacebook Messenger and on all Apple devices via the in-house service FaceTime.

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Musk initially did not provide any information on how quickly the function should be available and whether it would involve additional costs. Since the takeover in October, the advertising revenue only half as high. Musk is therefore focusing more on the subscription business.

It is also unclear how the protection is about spam calls should be regulated. At X, you tend to follow a lot of people, companies and organizations that you don’t know personally – and online criminals have recently been known to try again to contact users with fake profiles under the guise of well-known brands such as airlines.

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