Elon Musk, his wives, his children, his chaos family

The private life of the richest man in the world is a jungle. We clear it. By asking the most important questions and answering them right away.

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Simone Meier


Let’s start very simply: how many siblings does Elon Musk have?
Two physical. sister Tosca (1974) and brother Kimbal (1972). Tosca is a filmmaker and producer. She founded the streaming provider Passionflix, which only shows and produces film adaptations of romantic bestsellers with a certain erotic tendency. Kimbal is a gastro entrepreneur, chef and venture capitalist (Philipp Löpfe says there is no need to translate that) and currently sits on two boards of directors of his brother Elon’s companies (1971).

And that’s it?
Of course not.

Why not?
Because Elon’s mother Intoxication (1948), who is a model and whom we all know from the 2022 season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” (she sat next to Heidi Klum on the jury), has no other children, but Elon’s father, the engineer Errol (1946), yes. And now it gets complicated. After all, Errol’s motto is: “Life is there to reproduce.”


Tosca.Bild: wikipedia/Spacexforanewlife


Kimbal.Image: wikipedia/KIMBAL MUSK

Intermediate question!

Why did Maye and Errol split up and with whom did the children grow up?
Errol was violent. Maye fled to Canada with Tosca and Kimbal, Elon stayed with his father in South Africa, which he later regretted very much, because day after day Errol pounded Elon with sadistic pleasure that he was nothing and would never get anywhere. He also seems to have liked that Elon was beaten up by the others in the schoolyard. One of the broken bones that Elon sustained was so severe that he still has trouble breathing to this day.

Maye Musk with son Elon.

Maye Musk with son Elon.Bild: IMAGO / PicturePerfect

Aha, the primal scene for Elon’s drive!
Maybe. But that’s speculation now.

And for his flight from the world! If you want to make Mars arable, you have to have quite enough of the earth.
That too is pure speculation – but of course always in the gray area of ​​the possible. Can we get back to the complicated now?

Here you go!
Elon Musk has a few half-siblings and step-siblings. Jana Bezuidenhout (1988), Alexandra Musk (1993), Elliot Rush Musk (2017) and Asha Rose Musk (2022).

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Then Jana is the step-siblings and the others are the half-siblings?
So to speak. Jana is also the mother of Elliot Rush and Asha Rose, whose father is Jana’s stepfather Errol. Elon, who grew up with Jana (she’s been in the Musk family since she was four), is the little ones’ brother and uncle at the same time. Nasty voices suggest christening the two “Error”.

That sounds like…
… Woody Allen and his adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn? Exactly! Errol is also 39 years older than Jana. Woody is 35 years older than Soon-Yi.

Okay, unsavory side track. So Errol has seven children. And how many does Elon have?

Not nine?
no, ten The first, son Nevada Alexander, died of sudden infant death syndrome ten weeks after birth in 2002. A few days earlier, Elon had sold PayPal for $175 million.

Sad. And then?
Followed five children with wife number one, Canadian vampire segment writer Justine Wilson (1972). Twins were born in 2004 and triplets in 2006. The trans woman Vivian Jenna Wilson has severed all relationship with her father. your brothers Griffin, Kai, Saxon and Damian Not.

So Justine. How should we picture this marriage?
Since Justine can write, she fortunately wrote about it in detail in Marie Claire in 2010. How romantic Elon was to begin with. How he gave her his credit card in a bookstore and said, “Buy anything you want.” As he said during their wedding waltz, “I’m the alpha in our relationship.” And later: “If you were my employee, I would fire you.” How she got richer and her marriage emptier at its core and he demanded that she dye her hair blonder and blonder. In 2008 he filed for divorce.

Nice. That actress came after that, right?
Talulah Riley (1985), known from «Pride and Prejudice». Six weeks after Elon filed for divorce, he texted Justine that he was engaged to Talulah. And Justine was like, “Shit, Pride and Prejudice is really good.”

Jane Austen film Pride and Prejudice starring Brenda Blethyn, Talulah Riley, Carey Mulligan and Jena Malone (from left).

Jane Austen film Pride and Prejudice starring Brenda Blethyn, Talulah Riley, Carey Mulligan and Jena Malone (from left).Bild: imago/ everett collection

The two married for the first time in 2010 and for the second time in 2013 and also divorced twice. There were no children from either marriage. By the way, Talulah is with us today Thomas Brodie-Sangster (1990), who once played the cutest boy in “Love Actually” and a chess genius in “Queen’s Gambit.”

Fine, but that has nothing to do with Elon now.
No, but those two are pretty sure the sweetest thing in this whole story.

And then came Amber.
Exactly. Dating between July 2016 and February 2018 Amber Heard (1986) and Elon Musk. She is in a divorce war with Johnny Depp, he is in the beginning with Talulah Riley. She sees Elon more in the friend zone. He complains to Rolling Stone magazine: “I was really in love and it hurt terribly. She broke up with me more than I broke up with her.”

In 2017, Amber Heard seems quite happy right now.

In 2017, Amber Heard seems quite happy right now.Bild: IMAGO / Independent Photo Agency

It’s now 2018. Elon hasn’t fathered a child in 12 years and still wants to populate Mars. Is this finally progressing?
Yes! Who could be a better match for Mars conqueror Elon than a Martian girl musician Grimes (1988)? Or who suits him less than the independence-loving electronic artist? Well, they both have it with electronics. In 2018, they made the same joke on Twitter about an artificial intelligence-based torture method and found each other. In 2020, the two parents of X Æ A-12 or X will be AI Archangel, or simply X. During her first pregnancy, she faints so many times that she and Elon choose to have their second child carried to term by a surrogate mother. Daughter Exa Dark Sideræl or Y is born in December 2021.

In 2018 Grimes and Elon Musk can be seen like this.

In 2018 Grimes and Elon Musk can be seen like this.Credit: IMAGO / ZUMA Press

But the scandal! What about the scandal?
Oh yes, already in November 2021 Elon and Shivon Zilis (1986), a manager at his company Neuralink, became the parents of twins. Grimes goes out of her way to gloss over her and Elon’s complicated relationship status: “There’s no real word for it, I would probably call him my boyfriend, but we’re very fluid. We live in separate houses. We are best friends. We see each other all the time,” she said in April 2022 in Vanity Fair. And that she and Elon want at least three or four children together. However, the interview was conducted a few months earlier.

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Ohhh, that sounds a bit heartbreaking.
It does. The article in question was also posted online in March, with Grimes tweeting: “Me and E have broken up *again* since this article was written haha ​​but he’s my best friend and the love of my life.”

So he’s happy now with this Shivon and the twins?
Who knows! Everything is so fluid! But no, probably not, because his new flame is Australian actress Natasha Bassett (1992), who is currently in cinemas in Baz Luhrman’s «Elvis». He has already attended a friend’s wedding with her and spent holidays in St. Tropez, where the two of them prefer to eat fries and drink rosé. Natasha enjoys baking, can play the piano and has played Britney Spears in a biopic.

Natasha Bassett at the Cannes premiere of Elvis in May 2022.

Natasha Bassett at the Cannes premiere of Elvis in May 2022.Bild: keystone

And has he slept with Nicole Shanahan, wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, or not?
He denies it. Among other things, with a tweet that no one believes: “Haven’t even had sex in years (sigh).”

What is Elon’s relationship motto?
He’s looking for a long, monogamous relationship and isn’t the type for one-night stands, he says. In early July, the richest man on earth tweeted: “I’m doing my best to fight the underpopulation crisis. A declining birth rate is by far the greatest threat to civilization.” Oh, dude. But child number eleven shouldn’t be long in coming with such announcements.

Sequel follows.



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