Queen Elizabeth II and her daughter, Princess Anne, visited Westminster Abbey in London on Tuesday, October 12 to attend the Thanksgiving service. The exit of the 95-year-old monarch caused a lot of talk because the latter walked with the help of a cane. Rest assured fans of the British Royal Family, as the DailyMail, it is only a simple “comfort cane”. And if some said they were shocked, this is not the first time that the Queen of England has released this accessory: she has already been seen using a cane in 2003 and 2004, after having had knee surgery.

Getting out of her limousine, Princess Anne handed the cane to her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who then entered the abbey grounds alongside her. If no reason was given to explain the use of this cane, it seems that the queen wanted to use the object to walk on the paved path. Another novelty: the sovereign took another path and did not enter through the main door, as usual, in order to walk less. Would she be a little tired?

According to Paul Simmonds, owner of a specialist company, this is not a traditional cane but rather a telescopic walking stick with trigger handle and wrist loop. This type of accessory is widely used by hikers, in particular. “Although the Queen doesn’t seem to trust her cane entirely, it can provide her with that very important feeling of extra support that a cane gives. The Queen even has a wrist loop attached to the front of the staff.”, noted the expert.

During the church service, Elizabeth II and her only daughter joined a congregation to celebrate the legacy of the Royal British Legion, which is celebrating its centenary. Active members of the British and Commonwealth communities, their veterans and families were greeted during this solemn ceremony. Elizabeth II wore a blue coat and hat and appeared smiling, as did her daughter, dressed in purple.

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