Elizabeth Gutiérrez and her most anticipated interview for ¡HOLA!

After the hard time that the family of William Levy Y Elizabeth gutierrez, in October 2020, when your child Christopher suffered an accident that shook everyone at home, the actress posed exclusively for HELLO!, in an endearing report, available in this week’s print edition, where for the first time he appears with his children, Kailey and Christopher, where, among other things, he told us about the great connection he has with them, the excellent work that William does as a father and the future of his children who at their young age have already begun to show their concerns: Christopher for baseball, a sport to which he wants to dedicate himself professionally and Kailey who, according to Elizabeth, sees him as a lot of acting talent.



For the first time, Elizabeth described what happened the day her son, who in the images of the report looks very recovered, suffered the accident: “He stayed to sleep at a friend’s house. The next day, in the morning, I told him that I was going to get him, but he asked me for a bit more. And I allowed it. He called me at the hour and told me: ‘Mommy, I messed up my life. I have to go to the hospital”He recalled. The actress confessed what she felt at that moment: “My body collapsed. I didn’t have to say anything to William. With my expression, I said it all. The 15 minutes it took us to go to his friend’s house have been the longest I have ever lived in my life. Now I think what strength our son had to call us! He would dial us up and say, ‘Mommy, hurry up. We have to go to the hospital ”.

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Elizabeth Gutiérrez, said that when they arrived at the scene, the image shocked her: “We arrived and there were three ambulances, police… I thank God, because when I arrived, he was already inside the ambulance. I didn’t see it on the floor! “. The actress recounted how Christopher suffered the accident: “He drove a golf cart that he was not used to. There were three children and it was unstable. He wasn’t going fast, but when he had to make a right turn it flipped him over and dragged him across the concrete. He wanted me to go with him in the ambulance, because of the Covid they didn’t let us. They took him first to one hospital and then transported him by helicopter to another”. Although the scene looked very cumbersome, fortunately it did not get older: “When I saw his leg! -At this moment, Elizabeth Gutiérrez I can’t help crying- When we got to the hospital, they were doing more tests. They were afraid that he had hit his head or broken a bone. Thank goodness none of this happened to him!”.

On how William Levy lived this situation, the actress explained: “William was not sleeping. And I, as a mother, was dying inside. Every time I went into surgery, I would pray and cry in a corner. For six months, we have been going to therapy every day. He couldn’t bend his knee and now… he’s already flexing it! “. Elizabeth said that William has become the main emotional support of her son: “William, like father, has known how to speak to him to give him that strength and security in everything he was going to be fine. ‘You are a champion, go ahead’. That has helped him a lot. Now that William is working in Colombia, if Christopher gets a little down, he calls William and he encourages him, ”he said.

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The unconditional support of his sister

On how Kailey experienced her brother’s accident, Elizabeth commented: “It was traumatic for her. They are very attached. Kai answered the phone when Christopher dialed me. All the way I was screaming: ‘My Toty, my Toty ‘. However, we are already going to get out of this, because he is strong and happy”. About her daughter, who in this photo session was very artistic, the actress recognized her talent and her desire to follow in her footsteps: “Enjoy it. I see her in this and what I want is for her to be happy. How am I going to say no to something that is also my passion? I can only teach it everything I have learned in my career, direct it, take care of it “he commented. Do not miss the complete interview and the rest of the photos in the report available in the print edition of HELLO! this week.