Eliana Guercio is pregnant with her fourth child with Sergio Romero

Eliana Guercio and Sergio Romero are expecting their fourth child

After giving several clues throughout the program, the enigmatic of The angels of the morning (El Trece) about the pregnancy of a consolidated and much loved couple in the soccer environment. Is about Eliana Guercio, who is sweetly waiting for her fourth child with her husband, goalkeeper Sergio Chiquito Romero. The couple has three daughters, and now the arrival of a new member is palpitating with great joy. In this sense, the driver clarified that the former star maintains a low profile and so far did not share the happy news on his social networks.

“It is a very stable couple, long-standing, without major turbulence and without fissures,” celebrated De Brito after revealing the mystery. Romero and Guercio have been together for more than thirteen years, and they were the parents of 11-year-old Jazmín. Chloe, 9, and little Meghan, 3. The family usually shares several postcards of their weekend outings on their social networks, but they had kept the arrival of As a complete secrecy.According to the driver, the information was leaked because the pregnancy is already well advanced and when Guercio went to leave to his daughters at school there were several people who noticed that he is again in the sweet waiting.

“It can no longer be hidden by the belly, just as we found out after six months, a lot of time passed,” De Brito joked. In fact, he commented that the couple returned to Argentina less than a year ago, after he fulfilled sports commitments in Italy. The panelist Pía Shaw agreed with the version and confessed that she came across the former model by chance on a date at the hairdresser: “They are super in love, they are very pending all the time, they talk to each other all the time, and now they are living in a closed neighborhood in the southern zone; they want to stay here, although if a contract comes out that is worth it, she will follow it as always. “

Sergio Romero and Eliana Guercio at a Unicef ​​event in 2018, the year their third daughter, Meghan, 3, was born
Sergio Romero and Eliana Guercio at a Unicef ​​event in 2018, the year their third daughter, Meghan, 3, was born

Just three weeks ago they celebrated a new anniversary together and the athlete used his Instagram account to celebrate the event. Along with a collage where he gathered family photos and others of passionate kisses, he wrote: “Queen of my life! Thank you for banking me in all of them, accompanying me in all, being in all and above all, for making me the happiest dad in the world with these three beautiful princesses that you gave me! I love you, you crazy beautiful ”. Guercio was moved to read that romantic statement, and replied in the same tone: “I love you, beautiful of my life, more than I must thank God very much for this unique family that makes us so happy. I love you like the first day, sweetheart, my everything forever ”.

Other virtual signs that their relationship is stronger than ever lies in the descriptions of their respective Instagram profiles. The former vedette declares: “In love with my beautiful family”, and the goalkeeper introduces himself as “Eliana’s husband, Jasmine, Chloe and Meghan’s father.” Every Valentine’s Day they congratulate each other on social networks and assure that they are “the eternal love” of the other. Their immense happiness is crowned with the possibility of enlarging the family even more, and they look forward to the day when they personally meet the new member.

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