Elgato has added a few new devices to its range of streaming peripherals to make their hobby – or their job – easier for streamers.

the essentials in brief

  • Elgato has introduced a new stream deck as well as an audio interface and a facecam.
  • Streamers in particular should be able to benefit from the new devices.

Sometimes you’re just unlucky: Elgato has launched a number of new products especially for streamers. The focus is on the next iteration of their “Stream Deck” control unit. Too bad that on the same day Valve presented their new video game console “Steam Deck”. This has drawn all the attention of the gaming scene to itself.

But Elgato didn’t just show the streaming controller, which could be confused. The new facecam was also presented. With a full glass lens, it can record videos in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. It can be controlled with the new “Camera Hub” app, which can influence settings such as the field of view or exposure.

Elgato presents the new Facecam with its own trailer.

The Wave XLR audio interface is also new. Just like the Facecam, this can also be connected to the computer via the Stream Deck Mk. 2. The Wave XLR is a controller for Elgato’s own line of XLR microphones.

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