Austrian electricity price index rises by over 8% in a month-on-month comparison

Vienna (OTS) The Austrian electricity price index (ÖSPI) rose by 8.2% in October 2021 compared to the previous month. “Even if this year has already been characterized by a steady rise in wholesale prices for electricity, an increase of 8.2% means a new high. The cost of electricity as a product only accounts for a small part of household electricity prices, but price developments as we are now seeing are increasing the pressure on electricity suppliers to adjust their prices. In addition, there is no relaxation in sight, ”said Herbert Lechner, Managing Director of the Austrian Energy Agency, commenting on the ÖSPI.
Compared to October of the previous year 2020, the ÖSPI is 53.8% higher. In relation to the base year (2006 = 100), the index calculated by the Austrian Energy Agency reached 123 points in October 2021.

The base load price (130.35 index points) increased by 8.4% compared to the previous month. Year-on-year, it is up 55.8%. The peak load price (107.36 index points) shows a month-on-month increase of 7.7% and year-on-year an increase of 49.0%.

You can find the graphic here: Development of the ÖSPI from January 2021 to October 2021.

The ÖSPI only records the product electricity (electricity wholesale prices) and does not take into account network charges, taxes or levies. For the end consumer, the total price for electricity is divided into almost 40% for the energy component and 60% for network charges, taxes and levies (details are provided in this graphic).

The time series for the ÖSPI, separated according to base and peak load, can be found on the website of the Austrian Energy Agency as a pdf.

You can find all information on the ÖSPI methodology here.

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