Electric shock therapy could cure premature ejaculation

Researchers have found that electric shock therapy to the penis may help combat premature ejaculation.

The study was conducted on an elderly manIt’s 28 year old who ejaculated after just 40 seconds of sex to almost every occasion. Grace to electric current therapy, doctors in Lebanon were able to help him keep his erection seven times longer.

According to the New York Post, which cites the study in question, the young man was “treatedIt’s with zapping therapy by sticking electrodes on his penis for 30 minutes of direct current, three times a week. »

Premature ejaculation affects between 4% and 39% of men, recalls the New York Post. It is a sexual dysfunction that is often embarrassing.

“Scientists believe that shock therapy of the dorsal nerve of the penis slows muscle contraction to maintain sexual activity before ejaculation,” the newspaper explains, before reporting that six months after the treatments, the man has could have sex for an average of 3.9 minutes before ejaculating.

Fifteen months after the start of treatment, the researchers found that the man could maintain sexual intercourse for an average of 4.9 minutes before coming.

Note that this therapy is not yet considered a safe solution for premature ejaculation. Hence the need for further research.

Justin Gilles

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