Electric headlamps or clip-on lights are not enough ⋆ Adeba

One evening in July, two cyclists collided on a cycle path. While the bike of the later plaintiff, who wore a battery-powered headlamp on his helmet, was not illuminated, the defendant had equipped his mountain bike with an electric clip-on light on the handlebars.

Both cyclists saw the other party to blame: The plaintiff said that the defendant’s bike was insufficiently lit because the clip-on light was only weakly lit. The defendant argued that the plaintiff’s bike was not equipped with the proper light.

The court pointed out that a bicycle is generally only sufficiently illuminated if it has dynamo-operated lights. Additional electric lights are allowed, but not sufficient on their own, explain ARAG experts (LG Munich, Ref .: 17 O 18396/07)


  • Set a good example! Always take a roadworthy bike.
  • It is best to only drive with a dynamo.
  • Modern bicycles have hub dynamos that you hardly find annoying anymore.
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