Electric car falls from the third floor of a building and kills two people

An electric car crashed from the third floor of the Nio headquarters in Shanghai, China. Two people died in the crash. “The accident was not caused by the car,” the company said in a statement.

The car crashed out of a window (Twitter)

I am an employee of the company and a collaborator of a partner company, the victims of the accident which took place Wednesday in Shanghai where a car crashed from the third floor of a building of Nio, a Chinese car manufacturer.

The dynamics of the accident are still to be reconstructed but according to what is learned it seems that the car, an electric model produced by the house, suddenly crashed, breaking through a window on the third floor of the building where it was on display. On board were the two men who were apparently busy testing the car.

The incident took place on Wednesday around 5 pm in the Shanghai office of Nio which made it known that it had launched an investigation into the incident. The area on the third floor where the accident occurred is in fact a showroom, a testing facility where the cars are exhibited. A note released by the same company reads: “Based on the analysis of what happened, for the moment we can confirm that it was an accident (not caused by the vehicle)”.

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A statement that was later canceled on the official Nio channels due to the negative comments received from many users who pointed the finger at wanting to clear themselves in the face of a tragedy of this kind. “We are very sad about this incident and would like to express our deepest condolences to our colleague and co-worker who lost his life. A team has been set up to help families,” the same company later said.

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Nio, known by many as the “Tesla killer” cineseIn reference to his rivalry with US electric car maker of multibillionaire Elon Musk, he is at the forefront of pushing the switch to electric vehicles in China.



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