Elections 2024: Juan Carlos Romero Hicks runs for Presidency of the Republic

Guanajuato capital.- the federal deputy Juan Carlos Romero Hicks assured that will apply for the Presidency of the Republic in the next elections.

I am going to sign up for the Presidency of the Republic, and we are going to do it because we believe that alternative proposals must be generated,” said the official.

In this regard, he shared that he would begin with 5 central challenges: “The first of the challenges is the right statewhich goes through violence, impunity and corruption, the second the poverty and the inequalitythe third one economy that generate more job and distribute the income, the fourth the strengthening of the Mexican democratic institutions and the fifth is to have a policy exterior worthy“, he explained.

He commented that he had already raised his presidential aspiration with the state and national leaders of the PAN and “at the right time we will open the process,” he said.

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He stated that will welcome the rest of the competitors who participate in the contestboth from the PAN and from other parties.


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