A quarrel between neighbors culminated in the arrest of an elderly woman this morning in the Areal de Baixo area of ​​Braga. The PSP’s muscular operation involved four patrol cars, a van and a jeep of the police forces with the participation of 14 agents, with O MINHO following this police intervention, which took place at around 00:50.

The authorities present at the scene did not want to make any statements about the reason for the arrest, but the elderly woman’s granddaughter told us that it all started with a “complaint from neighbors to the PSP about the noise”, and then some aggressions took place, which were promptly remedied by the PSP.

Photo: Rui Feio de Azevedo / O MINHO

Upon the arrival of the PSP and our report, screams could be heard coming from the entrance of the building on Rua Dr. Domingos Pereira, and the whole apparatus disturbed many neighbors from other buildings who watched everything from their windows.

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