Elden Ring will boast one treatment truly exceptional execution, judging by the video published by well-known modder Lance McDonald, who sees a showed tentacolare.

We know that the beta of the title From Software already hides several secrets, see for example the new monster outside the boundaries of the Elden Ring map, and in this case the clip shows a huge earth octopus facing our character.

The creature is definitely having the worst, so what does it decide to do? It devours one of its tentacles as a healing potion, to regain some health, and then violently vomits on us. If this is not a realization cure …

So far, several critical voices had been raised in relation to the technical sector of the game, accused of reuse various assets from the previous productions of the Japanese development team, but then these sequences also pop up and we are undoubtedly admired in front of the work done.

One of the sensations we happened to experience when we tried the Elden Ring network test well ahead of its time. By the way: the game’s release is set for February 25, 2022.

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