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Bandai Namco has released Elden Ring Update 1.07 Patch Notes. Bug fixes are on the program for this new patch of the game.

For several weeks now, players have been struggling with Elden Ring to defeat all the bosses and discover all the secrets. However, it is difficult to create such a large game without a few bugs creeping into the environment. To fix them Bandai Namco released the update 1.07.

Find below Update 1.07 patch notes infoa sequel to patch 1.04, by Bandai Namco.

Elden Ring Update 1.07 Patch Notes

Bandai Namco has posted the Elden Ring update 1.07 patch notes on its official website. Players will see the following numbers at the bottom right of their screen: App Ver. 1.04.1 / Regulation Ver. 1.04.2.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Cerulean Hidden Tear’s effect duration to be decreased.
  • Fixed a bug where in multiplayer Malenia would not heal for the intended amount of hitpoints.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bosses to die at unintended times.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Elden Beast boss to not work properly in some cases.
  • Fixed some in-game text.

(Source : Bandai Namco)

It should also be noted that this patch concerns PlayStation (PS4/PS5), Xbox (One and Series X/S) and PC (Steam) players.

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