El Sewedy Steel for 1540 han… Prices of iron and cement. today is wednesday

The electronic portal publishes the prices of iron and cement, during today’s trading, Wednesday 19 – 10 2022, for the delivery of factory land.

The local factories for the manufacture of rebars announced a decrease in prices during July last year, accompanied by a new drop of an average of 500 pounds per ton, due to the successive drop in the prices of billet on the international stock exchange, specifically from the Russian market, noting that iron prices recorded in the month of June ended with a decrease exceeding 1100 pounds per ton compared to the prices of last May.

Egypt produces about 7.9 million tons of ingots, about 4.5 million tons of billets, while it imports 3.5 million tons of billets, according to data from the Chamber of Metallurgical Industries.

A value varying between 200 and 500 pounds is added to the iron prices to reach the consumer, while for cement between 100 and 200 pounds is added to reach the consumer.

iron prices

The average price of iron in Ezz Company reached 17750 pounds per ton, the price of Beshai iron recorded 17600 pounds per ton, and the price of Al-Attal iron recorded 17400 pounds per ton.

While the price of iron today in the Egyptians recorded 17,500 pounds per ton, Komi iron 15,900 pounds per ton, and Al-Jayoshi iron 17,300 pounds per ton, and the decimal 16,000 pounds per ton, and Maadi- pounds 15,900.

The price of iron today in Egypt Steel also recorded 15,900 pounds per ton, Al-Dakhiliya Steel 17,750 pounds, Al-Marakby 15,750 pounds and Attia 15,750 pounds.

Regarding iron prices in investment factories, the average tonne price varies between 16,000 and 17,000 pounds, reaching the consumer between 17,500 and 17,700 pounds.

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cement prices

While Armored Cement recorded 1460 pounds per ton, Nasr Cement recorded 1440 pounds per ton, Suez recorded 1420 pounds per ton, and Qena Cement 1430 pounds per ton.

Al-Suwaidi Cement recorded 1,540 pounds per ton, Special Cement 1,450 pounds per ton, Nile Valley Cement 1,400 pounds per ton and Heloun Cement 1,470 pounds per ton.

Mixed cement prices ranged between 990 and 1055 pounds, while resistant cement ranged between 1530 and 1560 pounds, and white cement between 2500 and 2600 pounds.



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