Eiza González and Jason Momoa would have TERMINATED their alleged COURTSHIP for these reasons

Eiza Gonzalez She is one of the most famous actresses of recent times, not only in Mexico but around the world, as she managed to climb exponentially and reach the world of Hollywood thanks to her talent. That is why every step she takes is important for the entertainment medium and more so when it comes to some kind of romance and, a couple of days ago, she was allegedly romantically involved with the protagonist of “Aquaman ”, Jason Momoato the point of thinking that they maintained a engagementhowever, was given by finished the course romance for the following reasons.

It was through People magazine that the alleged romance in between Eiza Gonzalez y Jason Momoa who had multiple dates to become beyond friends and achieve a engagement formal. However, these plans would have ended and it seems that a source close to both celebrities pointed out that they are polar opposites and the romance could not be finalized, since according to the informant, the protagonist of “True Loves” and the actor from “Game of Thrones” were dating since last February.



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