Egypt.. Shaaban Abdel Rahim’s son comments on the “inheritance” crisis with his brother


Adawiya Shaaban Abdel Rahim revealed new details of his crisis with his brother Essam, due to the distribution of their late father’s inheritance, stressing that he was expelled from the house.

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After the Lebanese Manar.. the ignition of the crisis between the sons of Shaaban Abdel Rahim due to inheritance in Egypt

Adawiya Shaaban Abdel Rahim said in a video he posted on his channel in “Tik Tok” that his brother expelled him from the house, and said that he did not want any money from his father’s inheritance.

Adawiya Shaaban Abdel Rahim wrote on the video he posted: “I do not want to inherit from anyone, and I do not want anything to start other than literature and respect.”

He said that he has 7 children and that he wants to live quietly.

It is noteworthy that a crisis broke out between the two sons of the late popular artist Shaaban Abdel Rahim, who are Adawiya and Essam, in the recent period, due to the distribution of their father’s inheritance, until matters between them came to the expulsion of Adawiya from his father’s house, in which he lived with his wife.


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