Educational innovation: Technical schools as an engine of development in Venezuela

Educational innovation: Technical schools as an engine of development in Venezuela

In an announcement relevant to the educational panorama of Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro Moros has reported the transformation of two thousand high schools in the country towards the concept of Technical Schools.

This significant change will be implemented for the next school year, in an effort to revitalize technical and practical education in the country.

Technical Education for the Future

President Maduro shared this initiative during his visit to the Emilio Gimón Sterling Educational Unit in La Guaira, which was renovated by the Military and Health Community Brigades to become a Technical School. This transformation is part of a broader plan for the 2023-2024 school year.

A Focus on Productive Drivers

The Minister of Education, Yelitze Santaella, highlighted that the conversion of these high schools into technical schools is consistent with the development of the 18 productive engines in Venezuela. The goal is to empower young people with practical knowledge that allows them to innovate and contribute to economic development.

Comprehensive Repair and Expansion

The Mirabal Educational Unit, where President Maduro made the announcement, has undergone a comprehensive repair and will become one of the first centers to start the school year as a technical school. This expansion of technical education from an early age to the training of young technicians is a response to the people’s request.

Strengthening School Conucos

President Maduro urged Minister Santaella to strengthen the student conucos program in all educational centers in the country. This program, which promotes agriculture in schools and high schools, will be promoted with the support of the Ministry of Popular Power for Urban Agriculture.

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The initiative to transform two thousand high schools into Technical Schools represents an important step towards a more practical education oriented towards economic development in Venezuela. This must go hand in hand with a focus on training young people in key sectors of the economy.

Furthermore, the revitalization of school districts promises to teach students about the importance of agriculture and food self-sufficiency, and education is a fundamental pillar for progress, and these measures can contribute significantly to the future of Venezuela.

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