Education: London Academy Casablanca launches Elite@LAC program and makes British education accessible

Education: London Academy Casablanca launches Elite@LAC program and makes British education accessible

At a time when mastering foreign languages ​​has become a necessity to improve one’s knowledge and a way to boost one’s professional future, the English language is today one of the most popular languages ​​among the young generation, especially Moroccans. Evidenced by the new survey conducted last April by the British Council in Morocco on a population of 1200 people. It shows that the overwhelming majority consider English as a vital language for the future and for that of the country (65% of the population questioned consider the English language to be important and 75% consider the “Shift” towards English of great benefit to the country’s economy).

In light of this study, it is undeniable that learning the English language has become an essential element for career development, from an early age. Aware of this, London Academy Casablanca has launched its new “Elite@LAC” program for the 2023-2024 school year.

As part of its commitment to academic excellence, the “Elite@LAC” program is open to Moroccan high school students on the basis of a pre-selection of the best students. The course takes place within the establishment and in an entirely English-speaking environment using the latest teaching methods and technologies.

“Elite@LAC” is a diploma course that ends with a British Baccalaureate (GCSE and A-Level) in hand and with an equivalence of the Moroccan Baccalaureate, thus allowing access to the best universities in the world. Working for the well-being of children and their development, London Academy Casablanca offers the “Elite@LAC” program at carefully studied prices and allowing a democratization of teaching in English in a world, where studies how to weigh enormously in parents’ budgets, as well as in their choice of destination for their children after obtaining the Baccalaureate; “Our objective is to transform Education in the digital age, starting by using the English language as the language of instruction (math classes, sciences, computer science, technologies, economy, business, etc.) and not only as a language of communication” confides Dr. Samir Benmakhlouf, the founder of London Academy Casablanca.

“The teaching methodology of the Elite@LAC program has proven itself in the most advanced countries in the Education systems and is based on three pillars which are the student at the center of Education; interactive teaching in hybrid mode, and the flipped classroom approach…” continues Dr Benmakhlouf.

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Thought as a Smart School, London Academy today claims its primacy in the British system in Morocco. Its excellent infrastructure (75 classrooms, 6 laboratories, a FabLab, two libraries, a football pitch, two basketball courts, a gymnasium, a theater, an infirmary, a canteen, a dance hall, yoga and dance), its diversity culture and the quality of its human skills allow it to provide an entirely English-speaking education that meets the requirements of the new generations.

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