Edge in Canary channel has ability to pause all extensions

13. April 2022 –
The current version of Edge on the Canary Channel comes with a feature that allows users to pause all of a website’s extensions at once with just one click.

In the Canary Channel, Microsoft is testing a new build of the Edge browser, which integrates a function to pause all extensions on a website at once with just one click. This was found out by Reddit user Leo Varela, who also published images of the new feature (via “Windows Central”). Individual extensions in Edge can already be paused and then restarted, but with the new function it is possible to stop them all at once. There is also a sub-option that allows you to pause all extensions on pages with sensitive content, such as online banking or shopping.

It is still not known if and when the function to pause the extensions will make it into the Edge browser. (luc)

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