Eating this food for breakfast helps keep your stomach flat all day.

We already know that a diet rich in probiotics, such as yogurt, increases the diversity of the microbiome and reduces abdominal inflammation. Probiotics must necessarily be part of our diet if we want to maintain a healthy microbiota and therefore good general health. Models like Karlie Kloss have declared that Greek yogurt or kefir is not missing for breakfast, as well as a green juice at mid-morning.

according to Ilia Mechnikov, Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1908, putrid fermentation in the intestine is the main reason for premature aging and death. He was precisely the introducer of the use of lactic ferments or yogurts as therapeutics to modify the immune system defense and to stop the bodily intoxication processes through the waste itself. Mechnikov believed that he had found in the microbes of acid milk the solution to the problem of aging.

The important thing is to determine which probiotics are of quality. For this reason, we have asked a nutritionist how we can choose a healthy yogurt for a balanced diet.

Greek, low-fat, organic or vegetable… The range of yoghurts is varied and appetizing, but if what we are looking for is a healthy yoghurt, Clare Corradetti, A graduate in Human and Diet Nutrition and a specialist in Clinical and Sports Nutrition, she tells us that you have to choose a natural yogurt. Its sugar and natural fat content not only does not harm your health, but also benefits it at a cardiovascular and immunological level, etc.

The healthiest yogurt is natural.

The healthiest yogurt is natural.TELVA

The key is in the label. The best trick for beginners is very simple: take the one with the shortest ingredient list, It is the one that has the least additions like sugar, artificial flavors and, of course, colors, stabilizers and preservatives. The best yogurt for your health is the one that includes only milk and little else, Added sugar can make a yogurt go from being a healthy natural food to an ultra-processed and unhealthy food, and appear named in different ways: sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, cane sugar, nectars… When we look for a healthy yogurt, the key is its simplicity.

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between bloating and constipation

Many times this swelling of the belly is due to a problem of constipation and, as Chiara Corradetti says, “improving intestinal transit is something that is also trained”.

But what is constipation? “When the stools are hard, infrequent (less than three times a week) and a great effort is required to evacuate them,” explains the Dr. Irina Matveikova, Endocrinology specialist. In addition to abdominal distension and flatulence due to the accumulation of gases, it can produce other unwanted effects such as halitosis, body odor, tongue coating (a whitish coating that covers part of the tongue) and in the most serious cases it can cause bleeding and anal fissure.

Cup of yogurt and raspberry.

Cup of yogurt and raspberry.Alfonso ZubiagaTELVA

in his book digestive intelligence (La Esfera de los Libros) ensures that one in seven people suffers from constipation, “it is a personal, emotional, social and also economic evil. And not only because of the expenses on laxatives and visits to the doctors, but also because of the serious consequences for the health of chronic constipation and toxemia corporal that provokes”.

It is caused, among others, by the lack of foods rich in fiber and the abuse of proteins of animal origin, refined products, fast foods, sweets and white flour. Also food intolerances and dysbiosis, which is the imbalance of the intestinal ecology, as well as the lack of physical exercise or a low fluid intake. demands a personalized treatment based primarily on a study of the colon, diet, and patient education.

spend time with your gut

Other advice from Dr. Matveikova, in addition to diet, is to dedicate time to the intestine: “Try to have about ten or fifteen minutes to perform a stable and daily ritual to sit calm and relaxed, better with a step under the footyes; try to stop and focus on your gut, pamper her with a massage, breathe with the abdomen. Maybe it makes sense to get up a bit earlier in the morning, drink a glass of hot water or an infusion of pennyroyal;two tablespoons of olive oil with lemon juice they can be of great help to start your digestive functions”. He assures that with this ritual for three consecutive weeks the intestinal response is noticeable.

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