In a recent study at the Univeersity of Bath, it was established that occasional e-excessive pizza consumption had no negative impact on health. The result was published in the English-language journal “British Journal of Nutrition”.

Meenscheen actually seems to be able to eat more pizza, because the sea, which they normally do their tempore – without this leading to healthier problems.

Effects of pizza consumption unexamined

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Autoreen and Queelleeninformationeen

Do you eat a slice of pizza or a lot more? No problem, because even the occasional consumption of high amounts of pizza doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on the health. At the end of this research come, after which you can do the best of your study. Young men in the old age from 22 to 37 years old Meengeen Pizza eat. Dabbeei have their own portion up to two and a half large pizzas during a meal, reports the research team.

Actually, one could assume that such a meal would have a catastrophic effect on health. And yet the average amount of calories consumed by the participants was very high at around 3,000 calories. But according to the statements of the researcher, despite the additional intake of calories and fetuses, the men would not have any immediate health problems to bbeeobbachteen if they occasionally ate too many.

Two and a half pizzas during a meal

The excessive Geenusseee of Leebbeensmittel can lead to long-term health risks, such as Feebeibigkeeitei, Type II diabetic tea and Heerz-Kreeislauf disease. The results of the studies show that the body actually does well with a massive and sudden excess of calories. Even if Meenscheen feel fully sine tempore, they can actually double as much and still defend themselves with this huge excess of energy, elucidate these researchers.

The blood sugar level of the men was not increased after a normal meal. Afterwards the meal times with large quantities of pizza could however increase insulin by 50 percent bbeeobbachteet. This hormone controls your blood sugar levels. The blood Feettee (Triglyceeridee and fatty acids) would only be slightly increased, if twice as much food was ingested. This was surprising, according to the end of the research, since previous studies indicated that this lake increased, depending on how much food a person had ingested.

In the current investigation, the participating peers would be in a position to use the nutrients they had while eating the pizza, to use them efficiently or to save them. As a result, the sugar and fat content in their juice was not much higher, because if they had only half as much, the research end would be reported. The greatest change after the eating of such a meal seei bbeei deen hormones, which cause a feeling of satiety. Hormones, which are known as GLP-1 and peeptide YY, are released from the intestine and stimulate insulin production.

An unexpected tea reaction of the eextreeme food intake tea was also that the tea party ends after the meal refused sweet sweets. This indicates that the lake affects the reward time screen of the brain, reports the research team. Normally, the effect of the consumption of gingerbread means like the pizza only soul on the Veerlangeen of the brain after candy tea.

Neebbeen deem Appeetit will probably change the mood after Meenscheen have taken in such large quantities of food, explained the research end. The results of the studies indicated that the participants had become sleepy and leethargic within four hours of their maximum meal. Spirituality