Eat this food right away and in 3 days you will feel better

There are many foods that have beneficial properties for our body, some more than others. Today we will talk about a well-known vegetable used in the kitchens of Italians and beyond.

Eat this food right away and in 3 days you will feel better

A food that is certainly beneficial for our body is fennel.
Particularly versatile and crunchy vegetable, fennel is part of the Apiaceae family, the same as carrots to be clear.

This vegetable has very ancient origins dating back as far as 1500, already known to the Arabs, Greeks and Arabs, probably originating from Asia Minor. As far as Italy is concerned, production is very concentrated in the central-southern area of ​​the peninsula, that is, in the area most subject to temperatures that are not too low, which favor its growth. From history we return to the present day, where fennel is also one of the main protagonists of diets and diets specific to the needs of our body.

Variety of fennel

There are many varieties of this vegetable, the best known are four:

  • Estivo Rondo which has a very white and rounded heart. It has a very fast germination cycle, in fact it is harvested after only 60 days;
  • Serpico winter which has a large and rounded shape. This one, on the other hand, has longer germination times ranging from 100 to 120;
  • Autumn Carmo which has a round and heavy shape. It has a semi-slow cycle, this is because it is sown in warm periods and harvested in cold ones;
  • The Romanesco fennel which has a very extensive cycle, the longest compared to those already mentioned. Its cycle requires a mild temperature of 10 ° There is a duration of 120 days, it is mainly harvested in autumn.
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In fact, fennel mainly composed of water, have a very low calorie content. Free of any fat and rich in minerals such as calcium and phosphorus which help strengthen bones, but are much richer in potassium. Even the presence of vitamins A, C and some of the B group make this vegetable a real ally as regards digestion and regulation of liver function. In fact it is considered “miraculous” for its benefits on the digestive level. It helps to solve most of the problems related to the intestine, a real detoxifier, very effective on abdominal swelling thanks to the presence of the aforementioned vitamin C.

The fennel seeds obtained from the same plant are widely used for the production of herbal teas which, thanks to the presence of anethole, also has a very intense aroma.



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