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East Lothian Council: new tour of the hospital

Procedures at a new £ 70 million hospital will be broadcast live to healthcare professionals and students, who invest in state-of-the-art equipment.

The East Lothian Community Hospital in Haddington officially opened its doors this week and offers a range of services from minor surgery to outpatient general medicine.

But it also aims to pave the way in specialized areas, with a complete suite dedicated to endoscopy, complemented by a training unit.

The endoscopy department includes its own screening room where people can follow the procedures as they are performed.

And it is planned to broadcast live across the country while their specialists will do their work.

Approximately £ 700,000 of new equipment has been ordered for the future.

The new hospital, which replaces two facilities – Roodlands Hospitals and Herdmanflat – opened its outpatient clinic several months ago and now needs to accommodate patients in its other departments.

With a single reception area for patients accessing all services, the hospital was designed with floor-to-ceiling windows and indoor and outdoor spaces available to staff and patients.

A booth of phototherapy sessions for patients with skin conditions has been installed and in the IV therapy department, where patients will be able to receive blood transfusions, discussions are underway with the Western General Infirmary in Edinburgh in order to introduce chemotherapy treatments.

Gordon Gray, head of hospital services, said the difference between the treatments offered by the new hospital to local residents was huge.

He said: "Sometimes with phototherapy, a session can last up to 15 seconds, but patients have to travel more than an hour to get to Edinburgh. This will make a huge difference and we are talking about offering a chemotherapy day treatment that will also be a huge benefit and will avoid long journeys. "

The hospital has a large personal area with access to a balcony; gardens are created around the hospital and common food courts in all neighborhoods, with the aim of encouraging residents to use them rather than staying in their rooms.

All rooms of the hospital are simple, with private bathroom. Two rooms should remain vacant once it will be open to provide additional beds as the population grows over the next few years.

The Royal Volunteer Service has established a café in the main reception area and East Lothian caregivers have to set up offices and local radio.

Out-of-hours prescriptions are also in the hospital with a separate entrance for emergency appointments outside normal practice hours.

Alison Macdonald, Director of the East Lothian Partnership for Health and Social Services, said, "This will allow people to benefit from a range of procedures in a new purpose built hospital for which they previously had to go. in Edinburgh.

"It will also be a real asset to the community, with public rooms available to local groups, a local radio and lots that will be open to everyone."

The hospital has a total of 132 beds for long-stay patients, many of whom will come from the intensive care unit operating at the Tranent Care Center in Crookston, as well as short-stay patients and 20 orthopedic patients. -re-education.

The final phase of the work at the hospital will focus on parking and landscaping, with all work completed in the spring. Work began almost three years ago.


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