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It is depopulating a new trend among the youth of TikTok: resort to professionals for get rid of ear plugs. Raissa Russi, an established Italian tiktoker, says that it is the first time that she turns to such an expert and she proves: “Too excited. I really want to have these ear plugs removed. I’m even hoping to have them ”. An almost unsettling enthusiasm what the girl showed on her profile followed by almost 850,000 followers.

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Earwax is a secretion produced by some glands of the ear canal, explained the otorino of the San Giovanni Hospital in Rome, Luca Campora. The function of this secretion is to protect the ear and, if too much is produced, it can lead to the formation of so-called plugs. The most useful advice, in this case, is not to proceed alone with cotton swabs or the like, but rely on experts which can solve the problem.

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“When you have a plugged ear you need to go to a doctor, never go it alone to not risk more serious health problems“Explained the expert, who then continued:” The most useful advice is to touch your ears as little as possible: they are self-cleaningi”.

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