Earthquake inside “Twitter”… Senior officials leave and hiring stops

A spokeswoman for the group confirmed to “AFP” that the head of consumption, Kavonne Beckbor, and the head of revenue-generating products, Bruce Falk, “have left Twitter.”

In a tweet, Bikbor, who specifically supervised the engineering, design and user service teams, confirmed that it was not he who made the decision.

He confirmed that the group’s CEO, Parag Agrawal, “asked me to leave after he told me that he wanted to take the team in a different direction,” noting that he was on paternity leave.

In addition to the departure of these two officials, Twitter plans to cut spending.

“As of this week, we are suspending the majority of hiring and compensation, with the exception of sensitive commercial positions,” the spokeswoman added.

“We will reduce non-wage costs to ensure our responsibility and effectiveness,” she added.

The board of directors of the social network had accepted the acquisition offer made by Elon Musk worth $ 44 billion at the end of April.

The businessman wants to make the network a bulwark of free speech, indicating, for example, on Tuesday, that he is ready to lift the permanent suspension of Donald Trump’s account, which was decided after the attack on the Capitol building.

Regarding the group’s work, he also referred to an end to spam posts, comments and advertisements, and promised that algorithms would be “open source” while diversifying sources of income without yet declaring an overarching strategy.

According to the New York Times, Elon Musk claimed in a presentation to investors that he could increase the company’s revenue fivefold by 2028, dramatically increase subscription revenue and raise the number of active users from 217 million at the end of 2021 to 931 million in 2028.

Shortly after agreeing with the board of directors, Musk offended many of the social network’s employees by publicly mocking executives.

At the time, Parag Agrawal tweeted in support of the San Francisco-based group’s employees, saying, “I am proud of the people who continue to do the job with focus and determination despite the noise around them.”



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