Earthquake August 12, 2022 CdMx; best viral memes by seismic warning

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After during this morning of August 12 will be registered an earthquake of magnitude 5.3 in Michoacán and observed in Mexico City, loose social network users have already responded. Con memes expressed how they got the big scare after hearing the seismic warning sound.

It was through Twitter that users who heard the seismic warning sound in Mexico City responded. However, with the humor that characterizes Mexicans, the way to do it was with fun and creativity.

The best memes of today’s earthquake August 12, 2022

With several memes, they made it clear that the seismic warning is still scary and even more so when it wakes you up -as in this case-. To do this, they illustrated their opinions or reactions with cartoon characters, some meme icons and even WWE gifts. And, of course, there was no shortage of the meme watering tufts – to the horror – of internet users.

Other users assured that they are “scared” that the next month -September- will arrive, since in this one the biggest earthquakes in history have been registered in Mexico.

“No one, absolutely no one, my mom: And it’s all because of climate change now there’s even an #Earthquake in August”; “ALV that trembled? He is well spoiled”; “September is near”; “I just jumped out of bed and got down”; “I’m still shaking,” went among the responses.

Here are some funny memes of the earthquake today, August 12, 2022:

We know this from today’s earthquake August 12, 2022

An earthquake of magnitude 5.3 was recorded in Michoacán, and was observed early this Friday, August 12, in Mexico City, where the seismic warning was activated. Also, At the same time, another 5.1 tremor was recorded in Guerrero.

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The National Seismological Service reported that the 5.3 earthquake southwest of Huetamo, Michoacán, was recorded at 03:17 hours with 24 seconds; a second later another of magnitude 5.1 was recorded, with an epicenter in Ciudad Altamirano, Guerrero.





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