Earnings every 3 months| For 500 pounds, you will only buy a savings certificate from Banque Misr

There are many people who seek to buy savings certificates to invest in them, in light of the current economic conditions we are going through, and most people tend to buy savings certificates because the profits coming from them are guaranteed.

And there are those who prefer Islamic savings certificates, as they are a line in which one person differs from another, and he tells you to invest in Islamic savings certificates is better.

Banque Misr provided them with everything they love, as it announced the availability of Islamic savings certificates with a variable return.

Among these certificates is the Islamic savings certificate with a quarterly return, which provides you with an appropriate rate of return that you get every 3 months.

We publish the details of this certificate, which was announced by Banque Misr on its official website.

The certificate is issued to natural individuals only

Certificate duration: 3 years

Minimum purchase of the certificate: 500 pounds and its multiples.

Return periodicity: Quarterly.

Return: 10.5%.

Return Calculation Date: The same day as the purchase date.

The value of the certificate, or part of it, can be redeemed after 6 months from the date of issuance of the certificate.
The possibility of granting credit facilities with the guarantee of the certificate in accordance with the regulated instructions issued by the bank.

The return is disbursed from any of the bank’s branches across the country

The return on the certificates is distributed according to the results of the business through the committee to determine the rates of return for Islamic branches.

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You can find out the rest of the types of Islamic savings certificate provided by Banque Misr from here.



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