The Eagles have definitely found their identity and it wins.

Philadelphia Eagles (5-6) – New Orleans Saints (5-5) : 40-29

The Saints arrived with the best running defense in the land. They leave Pennsylvania with 242 yards in the bag on the ground. They have never been able to compete in the field against the Eagles who seem unstoppable in this style of play. Result, a victory that did not take long to emerge with the baton a Jalen Hurts (13/24 , 147 yards on the pass + 18 runs, 69 yards and 3 TDs) which operated as the ideal spearhead of this attack.

Behind his double-threat quarterback, it was all the runners in the franchise who had a blast with an overall average of 4.8 yards / races. On the other side of the ball, the locals also did the job for three quarters before leaving Trevor Siemian (22/40, 214 yards, 3 TDs and 2 INTs + 1 TD in the race) and his squad reduce the ‘gap to make it more acceptable.

Darius Slay strikes again

A gap that was created in the first quarter. After an initial exchange of punts, the game unlocks on the first interception of the game. TJ Edwards got his hands on a pass from Trevor Siemian. Start of three very complicated quarters for the New Orleans pitcher. Opposite, however, the machine starts up. Or rather in the race. Miles Sanders (16 races for 94 yards) and Jordan Howard (10 races for 63 yards) feast and Jalen Hurts concludes. Two touchdowns in the race for the quarterback (14-0) who registered his 6th and 7th in the field.

The Eagles play an almost perfect first period, because even the defense, in difficulty lately, raises the level. The New Orleans attack is muzzled and only Mark Ingram leaves (a little) the head of the water (16 races for 88 yards + 6 receptions for 25 yards). But the defensive squad isn’t just going to be content to defend well, it’s going to have an impact on the scoreboard. And who other than Darius Slay to take care of it. The cornerback also intercepts Trevor Siemian before reaching the end-zone. Already his third defensive touchdown of the season. Add two field goals and the Eagles return to the locker room with 29 points scored.

The only downside is a fumble from Miles Sanders in his own 10 yards which allows the Saints to score their only points in the first thirty minutes: a pass from 18 yards to Adam Trautman. An action too isolated in this first period to allow the Saints to hope for anything (29-7).

Jalen Hurts in franchise history

In the second half, the locals quietly managed their large lead. They even accentuate it with two new kicks (33-7). At that point, Nick Sirianni can only regret a slight lack of efficiency as he approaches the opposing end zone. But there is no doubt that the coach must be satisfied with the performance of his men on both sides of the pitch. Especially since the defense is still doing the job in this third quarter. We have to wait the last fifteen minutes to see a relaxation on the side of Philadelphia.

New Orleans scores fifteen consecutive points to return to 14 units (33-19). Trevor Siemian will finally find solutions with first a pass for Marquez Callaway on 26 yards before a 16-yard run from the quarterback to the end-zone. But as if to show that the master of the double threat tonight was him, Jalen Hurts will destroy any hopes of return of the visitors. He will register his third touchdown in the race of the game, becoming the first quarterback in the franchise to achieve such a performance.

The last touchdown of Lil’Jordan Humprey on a pass from 4 yards becomes anecdotal and Philadelphia goes on to a second consecutive success. The Eagles have found their credo and can regain hope in this NFC. For Sean Payton’s men, on the other hand, solutions will have to be found from now on. They who have not won since October 31.

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