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Maps too big for infantry? Well, in previous BF’s there may have been complaints that they were less suitable for vehicles, because less open spaces and too many ambush possibilities.
So now there is a game with some large open spaces.

Nice such large open maps for all-out vehicle warfare.

But grab a map like Golmud from BF4. 5 tanks per side, one Anti-air, 2 LAVs. 2 LAVs on objectives and a gunship on objective.
One attack and scout heli per side, one scout heli on objective. 2 jets per side.

28 war vehicles and 9 flying monsters on 1 map. Then those 1000 jeeps everywhere and nowhere.

Check out a BF2042 map… 3-4 “tanks” per side, 2-3 flying shits and 6 jeeps/hovercraft.

Well wow, map 3 times the size and with twice as many players, but with 4!?!?!?! times fewer vehicles.

Running Simulator? Yes, sometimes yes, if you have not clicked on a vehicle in time, you have to walk indeed. Big surprise.

Which gives you the same shit as in the past, but a bit worse. That you have 30 guys on your team waiting for a vehicle to spawn. While the enemy team does spawn. You then get the feeling that you are “alone”, because you are completely overrun everywhere. Or if it’s the other way around, as if you’re smashing through a level like a bunch of rambos.

Because of the much walking, almost everyone is sitting around the same 2-3 objectives on each map and the rest is just map decoration. Some objectives are almost always completely extinct.

So what the hell is the bigger battlefield for?

In 2042 I’ll be looking at the main menu and loading screens more than I’m really playing a game. The tickets are low and because of the above, 9 out of 10 times a team is losing hard and the game is over within 10 minutes.

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