From Electronic Arts they believe that spending real money in the game is ‘a choice for the players’.

With FIFA 22 already available for more than a week and breaking all sales records, it is time to stop and reflect on the monetization systems that, in recent years, have monopolized the debate around the main annual sports deliveries. The soccer game of EA Sports It has in FIFA Ultimate Team its main method of income by micropayments, so it is not surprising that those responsible are often asked about this question.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Chris Bruzzo has addressed the issue, given that more and more agencies are joining in proposing state regulations on real money purchases of these types of securities. “It’s not going to change (the monetization of FUT). I think players have fun with the content that is continually offered in the game. We will continue to do so, “he says.” Spending real money in the game is a choice for players. “

We have to work on solutions for those who have lost control of the time they dedicateChris Bruzzo, FIFA Saga Experience DirectorThe experience director of the FIFA saga at Electronic Arts Instead, he has decided to divert attention to addiction problems with his games. “I think we need to talk about extremes. We have to work on real solutions for those players who are in an extreme situation and have lost control of the time they dedicate,” he says. “We are taking action, taking action. Bringing more information to players and raising awareness about parental controls. […] We will continue working on more solutions“.

The recent football delivery has not been immune to different complaints from the players. Without going any further, the suppression of 17 national teams has caused great discomfort in Latin America, and the news regarding goalkeepers and artificial intelligence have been retouched in their first major update. However, the title has been generally well received, as we explained in detail in our analysis of FIFA 22.

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