Dzhigan’s tight shirt on the set could not stand it and burst: video

Model and blogger Oksana Samoilova organized a family photo session at the New Year tree. Both children and parents posed in the same red plaid suits.

For Djigan, apparently, there was no suitable shirt size. It tore at the back, and the sleeves could not stand it either.

“Turn your back,” Samoilov asked her husband.

Djigan turned around, and everyone laughed together.

“When the suit is not the right size,” said the musician’s wife.

Fans appreciated the frame in which Djigan looks to the side with a serious look.

“It seems to me that Giga is asking for help”; “Jiga, blink if they keep you there”; “Let’s Save Dzhigan”; “Poor Denis,” the subscribers commented.

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Earlier, Oksana Samoilova answered the question of fans if she plans to give birth yet.


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