Alisa Arshavina with children

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Seriously ill Alisa Arshavina told why the last few months did not make itself felt. As it turned out, the illness of the former wife of the football player gave her a little respite, which she used to find a new home for herself and her three children, because she could no longer stay in the athlete’s country cottage. According to the documents, the mansion belongs to my mother Andrey Arshavin, and she did everything to drive the ex-daughter-in-law out into the street, regardless of her condition.

“We decided to leave home and leave. I went through a coma, sepsis, six operations, but I was broken by saying goodbye to home. I was dying there, leaving and remembering Andrey’s words. He said he would never take the house. There were no quarrels in this house, there was nothing wrong. We were not driven out by Andrey, not by my husband, but by my mother-in-law. I didn’t live there with her, I didn’t sleep with her and woke up, gave birth to my daughter. It was not for her to decide whether we should live there or leave, ”

– said Alice.

Now Arshavina, along with her son and two daughters, settled in a rented house, which the children liked. The journalist even got a dog to please the offspring. However, Alice believes that her disease – autoimmune necrosis – has entered the stage of remission only for a short time, so she will not have long to live.

“My imaginary well-being. I caught myself thinking that at fifth speed I was finishing things so that the children would feel good … I will really miss my cool children. This makes me cry. I am tired of being ill, children are also tired of such a life, but they are fighting ”,

– said the former wife of the football player.

“Inoperable”: a new photo of the exhausted Arshavina appeared on the web


Meanwhile, Arshavin’s mother does not feel sorry for the ex-daughter-in-law. She argued that Alice is not as bad as it seems from the outside, and in fact she owns several properties inherited from her first spouse, so she has a place to live.

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