Dybala does not cast a shadow on the new Lazio

Lazio is doing a great marketperhaps the best in recent years and not only for the number and quality of players hired and because it has spent almost 50 million euros. Above all, because the company followed the indications of Maurizio Sarrithe real fulcrum of the biancoceleste project to aim to be increasingly competitive, both in the league and in Europe. And, of course, in the derby.

Requested a comment on Dybala GiallorossiClaudio Lotito said: «I have not seen the presentation at Eur and it did not affect me. I am used to measuring myself with facts. I don’t sell dreams, but solid realities. We don’t collect Panini stickers, we don’t care “. Although still distant in time (November 6, thirteenth day, Rome-Lazio), the next derby match evidently already teases the Biancoceleste president who, of course, has the right to think as he wants on the Romanist hit of the year. But, dear Lotito, you will see: Dybala at Roma will also please you who certainly care about an ever greater success in our championship.

These and motives: 1) a champion of the caliber of the Argentine represents a great one added value of Serie A and not only of Rome: he is 28 years old, he is in full of careerit will be really interesting to find out how Sarri’s Lazio will compete with Mourinho’s neodybalian Rome;

2) as Walter Sabatini argues, “Dybala is the last 10 you play in Italy” and God only knows how much the maximum tournament needs a “solid reality” capable of raising its technical and spectacular rateas well as national Albiceleste champion of South America and safe, next protagonist of the Qatari world championship;

3) even for those who love Lazio it is presumable that i derby with Dybala’s Roma they will be even more compellingmore exciting, more spectacular;

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4) as demonstrated the worldwide echo aroused by the Eur eventthe presence of Dybala will ensure greater media coverage of Capitoline football and its challenges, greater interest, greater revenues from the derbies, giving them a further prestige. As for the Panini stickers, we bet, dear president, that the dybaliana will be the most sought after?



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