DxOMark scores the sound quality of the Nothing Phone (1)

The DxOMark site put the Nothing Phone’s microphones and speakers to the test bench. Let’s be honest, the tests did not spare him. Carl Pei, CEO of Nothing, would he have skimped on the quality of the components of his smartphone?

The Niks Telefoon (1) stands out, that’s a fact. But not necessarily for the right reasons, as evidenced by the results published by DxOMark. The company from Boulogne is known for being unruly when it comes to picture and sound quality. The audio tests consist of recording sounds and atmosphere with the smartphone’s built-in microphones, and playing various songs, films and dialogues through its speakers. Everything takes place in the laboratory and in actual conditions of usewith standard applications.

According to the laboratory, the sound characteristics of the Nothing Phone (1) are below average in all sectors. In audio rendering, the result is a son nasal and narrow from which the bass and low-mid frequencies are absent. At a medium level, the sound volume fluctuates too much, while at high volume, the compression applied is far too aggressive. Predictably, the picture is even darker in terms of spatial representation. That said, can we ask a smartphone to have the same reproduction capabilities as dedicated speakers?

Due to a lack of quality components, the sound of the Nothing Phone (1) is mediocre

However, everything should not be thrown away. According to DxOMark, the Nothing Phone (1). best in recording only in sound reproduction, although there is still a lot to improve. The highs are weak, and the low frequencies lack definition. In general, the sound quality is very variable depending on the applications and their conditions of use. The microphone associated with the selfie camera is rated as mediocre, avoid using it if you want to record an audible soundtrack. A fairly good mention is given to the noise cancellation algorithms, which are sometimes too powerful. This can be annoying when recording concert videos or taking phone calls, as clarity can suffer.

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Le Niks Telephone (1) obtains 103 points on the leaderboard audio from DxOMark. Without being completely catastrophic, it’s a disappointing conclusion for a smartphone that wants to be innovative. The Nothing Phone (1) has many assets, but if you are looking for a good experience to match, you should instead turn to the Black Shark 5 Pro, the benchmark in the field with 161 DxOMark points or even to the always great Asus ROG Phone 5.

Source: DxOMark

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